Husband. Father. Son. Public Servant. Native Son.

A native son of South Bend where his family has lived for over 70 years, Henry was educated in South Bend Community School Corporation and went on to receive a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Arts from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.

The married father of one knows citizens deserve an advocate who champions the causes of the working families, and advocates for those living in the margins.

Whether in an elected or non-elected capacity, Henry Davis, Jr. has served 2nd District of South Bend, Indiana tirelessly.

He is a dedicated community advocate with a history of working for democracy, equity, and economic justice. Henry has a track record of improving our schools, developing affordable housing, protecting our seniors and creating jobs and economic opportunity for those living in the margins.

An accomplished legislator, Henry has tackled issues affecting the current and future quality of life for South Bend residents, including public safety, economic development, and civic engagement.

During his time as councilman, Henry’s many accomplishments include incentivizing business development and growth along the Saint Joseph Riverfront, spearheading infrastructural improvements throughout the 2nd District to attract, retain, and expand businesses. He has also worked to keep make police patrols a part of the community with increased foot patrols by police, he has expanded growing green initiatives in the city to cut costs and create a healthier environment, and invested in improvements and updates to recreation centers that house after-school and summer programs for the city’s youth.

Currently, Henry is enrolled in a local MBA program as a full-time student and works as a political consultant.

He is the past President of the Indiana Democratic African American Caucus in South Bend, a member of NAACP and he is a the President of Lasalle Park Neighborhood Alliance. He is the past Polemarch of South Bend Alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.